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Summer School Call



Design and organisation of the first EUMaster4HPC Summer School (16-28 July 2023)

The European Consortium EUMaster4HPC launches a call for proposals among its members for the Conception, Organisation and Implementation of the 1st EUMaster4HPC Summer School.


The European Master for High Performance Computing (EUMaster4HPC) aims to develop a new and innovative European Master programme focusing on high performance solutions. EUMaster4HPC brings together major players in HPC education in Europe and mobilises them to unify existing programs into a common European curriculum.

The first cohort of 50 EUMaster4HPC students will start the Master 1st year in September 2022 at five of the awarding universities (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Sorbonne Université, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Politecnico di Milano and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). These 50 students as well as selected local students from partner universities will attend a mandatory, high quality two weeks Summer School.

The Summer School is organised between the second and third semesters of the master program, and will be a major milestone of the training. The Summer School is an important opportunity for networking and establishing contacts among EUMaster4HPC students from different awarding universities, other selected students from related Master programmes of the partner universities, professors and stakeholders from supercomputing centres and companies.

This event aims to:

  • create a dynamic environment to enhance group cohesion;
  • give students the keys to dive into their speciality topic for the third semester;
  • allow students to get connected with companies and supercomputing centres;
  • allow companies to exchange with students and create links for internships and/or future recruitments.

Specifications and requirements

Academic requirements for the programme

  • Provide two weeks of intensive and high level lectures, project work and collaboration, company cases on a specific chosen HPC thematic.
  • The programme will allow students to discover the career opportunities of future leaders in HPC technologies and applications and to enhance their knowledge on a specific HPC thematic with a clear overview of industry and research.
  • The programme should include technical lectures; teamwork and mentoring/project work; non-lecturing activities; team building sessions and  social events…
  • During the Summer School, a presentation of the upcoming challenges (second year in the

Master program) needs to be programmed and students will select their challenge.

  • The organising institution should provide the students with a Starter Kit several weeks before the Summer School with an assignment to complete prior to the event linked to the specific HPC thematic of the Summer School. It may be composed of presentations, online lessons or other material to level up the knowledge of all participants. This way when the Summer

School starts, all participants are starting with a similar level of knowledge

  • The organising institution will deliver a certificate of attendance to the participating students

e.g. during a social event with poster session at the end of the Summer School.

Period and timing of the Summer School

  • The Summer School is supposed to take place July 16-28 2023
    • Suggested planning: 12 days of event Arrival on Sunday afternoon/evening,
    • Start on Monday morning / 10 days of classes and 2 days of social programme on week-end
    • Departure on Friday afternoon the week after.

Organising institution

  • This call for proposals is open to Participating Universities and/or External Associated partners of EUMaster4HPC.
  • Collaboration between different partners (universities, supercomputing centres and industry) is highly encouraged.

Number of participants: 50 EUMaster4HPC students + selected local students from EUMaster4HPC partners
Language of instruction: English

Role of the organising institution

Set-up of a high quality programme: relevant thematic, excellent lecturers and trainers, involvement of companies and supercomputing centres, make students aware of real HPC cases from business actors.

Nominate a dedicated project manager as a contact person for the EUMaster4HPC consortium and students

Provide logistics:

  • Coordination of the whole event:
    • Management of trainers and speakers
    • Management of students before, during and after the Summer School,
    • Suitable location for the academic and social parts of the Summer School
    • Accommodation for all participants in shared rooms
  • Provide meals for students, trainers/speakers and EUMaster4HPC members o EUMaster4HPC students are in charge of organising and paying for their travel to the location, however guidance needs to be provided. 


  • EUMaster4HPC has a dedicated budget for the organisation of Summer Schools and will reimburse incurred expenses up to a limit.
  • The organising institution engages to provide a Summer School on a non-profit basis.
  • Proponents should submit a detailed global budget as well as the cost per participant.
  • If relevant, additional sources of funding should be suggested. If applicable, the

EUMaster4HPC will support an application for additional funds.

Selection of the winning institution

All proposals will be carefully analysed by a committee nominated by the EUMaster4HPC Executive

Board and the finalist will be selected by this committee based on following selection criteria:

  • Relevance of the chosen specific HPC thematic
  • Quality of the academic programme and degree of involvement of companies and supercomputing centres
  • Focus on career opportunities on the job market
  • Feasibility in terms of budget, organisation and ambition
  • Collaboration with other EUMaster4HPC institutions including supercomputing centres and companies
  • Attractiveness for students of the non-lecturing activities in terms of community building and transversal skills development as well as social events and fun activities

Details of submission of proposals

Deadline: 30 June 2022

Please complete the application form (maximum 5 pages):

You may provide further information in the annex, for example: 

  • Letter of commitment from institution (optional) 
  • Supporting letters from speakers/partners (optional)

Please send your proposal by email to following contact persons:

Stéphane LabbéEUMaster4HPC WP5 leader
Professor, Sorbonne Université
Pascal BouvryScientific coordinator of EUMaster4HPC Professor, University of
Aline Melinette, Hanna HertwigEUMaster4HPC Project Team, Sorbonne Université