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The European Master for High Performance Computing (EUMaster4HPC) aims to develop a new and innovative European Master programme focusing on high performance solutions. EUMaster4HPC brings together major players in HPC education in Europe and mobilises them to unify existing programs into a common European curriculum.

The 2nd cohort of EUMaster4HPC students started in September 2023 at five of the awarding
universities (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Sorbonne Université, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Politecnico di Milano). All students have to complete an internship during semester 4 (between February and September 2025). At the end of the internship, students will write a report (final study project/ Master thesis).

Specifications and requirements

Period and timing of the internship

The duration reserved for the internships is between 2 and 6 months, depending on the local rules of the concerned universities. The internships take place in the last semester of the 2nd year, usually from February 15th onwards.

Location of the Internship

The internships can take place in any of the EuroHPC JU participating states.


A tripartite contract will be signed between:

  • the student
  • the university where the student is studying in the second year
  • the hosting institution/company

The regulations followed are those of the country where the internship takes place.

Academic requirements for the programme

The internships will allow for the realisation of an important project with strong conceptual and scientific content, complementing the problem-solving ability and autonomy acquired by the student through the EUmaster4HPC programme.

The internships can take place in companies or in research/supercomputing centres. Our students join
a company or a laboratory to apply their scientific knowledge to the resolution of a problem while preparing their professional integration.

Information about the EUMaster4HPC programme is available: Home – EUMaster4HPC (

The research internship:

  • DURATION: 2-6 months
  • DATES: Between February and the end of August 2025
  • DESCRIPTION: The aim of the scientific internship is to provide an introduction to R&D. The trainee will be hosted in a laboratory and will be confronted with the reality of unsolved problems and the use and discovery of methods to solve them, analyse them and comment on the results. The trainee will participate in the research work of a team, get involved in the treatment of a subject, and produce results. This internship takes place in public or private laboratories and research centres.

The company internship:

  • DURATION: 2-6 months
  • DATES: Between February and the end of August 2025
  • DESCRIPTION: The company hosting the student for an internship will offer the opportunity to perform work that matches the academic level of the EUMaster4HPC  programme. In addition, it will show the student how to address a real industrial problem and fulfil the company’s needs.
  • Each internship proposal must clearly report (Max 1 page):
  • A description of its main purpose (Max 2 000 characters without spaces);
  • The list of the key results expected at its conclusion (Max 1 500 characters without spaces);
  • The list of necessary input Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to achieve the internship objectives (Max 1 500 characters without spaces);
  • The list of macro-activities that will be carried out during the internship. Such macro-activities will have to be selected among a predefined set (Max 1500 characters without spaces).

How to offer an internship

Please, submit your internship proposal via the online form by clicking the button below.

If you offer internships on a regular basis every year. In this case, your internship proposal can be made in the framework of a partnership with the EUMaster4HPC programme. Please feel free to contact us by mail :

Your opinion matters

One of the ambitions of the EUMaster4HPC project is to deliver and implement a training programme that meets the future needs of the European job market. Our intention is to improve the master programme in HPC based on your feedback after the first internships. Please give us your opinion via email with the subject: Feedback Internships