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In accordance with the Bologna Process, the EUMaster4HPC programme consists in 120 ECTS credits. It fully integrates the knowledge-based triangle “education / research / innovation” concept from a teaching and professional training perspective.

Regular interaction with industrial and cutting-edge research activities will constitute a crucial component of this 2-year European Master in HPC. In this respect, student internships, Challenges and the Summer School are an essential cornerstone of the master.

Summer School 2024

The summer school is a major milestone of the training as it is an important opportunity for networking and establishing contacts among EUMaster4HPC students from different awarding universities, other selected students from related Master programmes of the partner universities, professors and stakeholders from supercomputing centers and companies.


Student internships at industry or at research institutions is a mandatory part of the study programme. The expected duration of the internships is from 2 to 6 months during the second year of the study (semester 4).


The challenge is a competition on the model of the Student Cluster Competition with the objective to present industrial and research needs in HPC. These challenge projects are proposed by and organized in supercomputing centers, held on-line and can be in collaboration with a company. Each student will participate to at least one challenge and no more than two.