Vision, Mission and Objectives


EUMaster4HPC approach to build a new master level study programme in HPC is based on the need of gathering the expertise and knowledge existing in a large number of universities across Europe in order to fulfill the existing gaps, bringing new, modern quality standard in HPC education; this should be complemented with the expertise, advise and best practices from major players and stakeholders, such as supercomputing and research centres, the EuroHPC ecosystem, industry and SME as well as public administration.

EUMaster4HPC believes that a new EU HPC Master Pilot should be implemented on some awarding universities based on a new designed curriculum, study plans, materials and methodologies jointly developed by the whole EUMaster4HPC consortium.

Based on the experiences and lessons learnt from the implementation of the EU HPC Master Pilot, EUMaster4HPC will provide a coordinated and systematic approach to HPC education and training in Europe that could be adopted by other universities thus benefiting all the countries, both the advanced ones and the newcomers.

The EU HPC Master developed in the EUMaster4HPC Consortium should be a direct response providing the expected/needed expertise that will accelerate the uptake of HPC in academia and industry.



Build a 2-year pan-European master curriculum in HP.


Create a collaborative network leveraging and strengthening the European ecosystem in HPC.


Exchange of experience between teachers, professionals, experts, academia and students.


Adopt the principles of inclusiveness, gender and geographical balance across Europe.


Ensure that underrepresented and minority groups participate in the program. In particular the project aims at attracting students from European countries and participating states with limited access to HPC facilities or where the HPC adoption is still low.


Laying the foundation for a long-term and sustainable development of education in HPC and its applications across Europe.


Educate professionals and future leaders in HPC technologies and applications to fill the gap on the employment market; Promote the expertise of European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the EU and beyond its borders to attract excellent and talented students by providing joint course material.


Innovate in education and training in HPC by enhancing and developing students’ skills. Students will be equipped with a broader range of valuable competencies by employers at a European level.


Contribute to Europe’s ability to compete effectively worldwide in HPC.


Promote a culture of collaboration, synergies and exchanges of best practices among all participating members; it will enable sharing technical, scientific and transversal expertise and knowledge by allowing HEIs, supercomputing centres, CoEs, and industry to work together.


Enhance networking as an essential tool.


Develop a mobility scheme encouraging cross-fertilization, both for students and teachers.



The design of a common European master reference curriculum in HPC and its applications with a holistic view, including technical and transversal skills, like ethics awareness and entrepreneurship spirit.


Implement the pilot programme for this European master curriculum in a subset of awarding universities for two cohorts.


Develop and share new educational content, materials and methodologies for this European master in HPC.


Contribute to the increase HPC-adoption by industry and the recruitment of HPC graduates in private companies.


Design and put specific collaboration mechanisms in place.


Create a sustainable network of different stakeholders involving HEIs and other HPC-related public organisations (e.g., supercomputing centres) as well as private organisations that facilitates exchange of information and experiences, creates opportunities for student internships.


Sustainability of the master beyond the two cohorts and financial continuity.

European added-value and innovative aspects of the EUMaster4HPC project

In addition to the vision and the objectives of the project, EUMaster4HPC will pursue the creation of European added value in the following areas:

  • Broad European inclusion of major players and stakeholders of HPC in Europe, including universities, research centres, supercomputing centres (SCCs), experts, industry, Centres of Excellences (CoEs) and HPC-related entities.
  • Cutting-edge knowledge in HPC and HPC-related technologies.
  • A strong link with the industry.
  • A catalyst of growth in the HPC industry will offer practical and concrete case studies applied to the use of HPC, advanced programming, and simulation.