Application call for the 3rd EUMaster4HPC cohort is now open until 31 March 2024.

Application call for EUMaster4HPC 3rd cohort of students

Application call is open again and the EUMaster4HPC is now recruiting the 3rd cohort of students!

Application period: 8 January-31 March 2024

Join the EUMaster4HPC and take the lead of Europe’s HPC revolution!

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EUMaster4HPC is an innovative pan-European Master’s Programme for High Performance Computing (HPC) and provides students with:

  • 2 European Master’s degrees
  • Mobility between awarding universities
  • Summer school
  • Workshops
  • Challenges
  • And many more academic activities

The EUMaster4HPC waives University tuition fees and provides a scholarship for the eligible students!

EUMaster4HPC educates students on highly advanced knowledge and trains them on cutting-edge technologies in HPC and related fields and its applications though by the best European Professors in HPC education and specialists.