Tech careers for women

We are excited to announce the launch of the “Tech Careers for Women” interview series as part of EUMaster4HPC.

The primary objective of this series is to inspire and empower young girls to pursue technical careers, with a special focus on the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), and to introduce them to the exceptional contributors of EUMaster4HPC.

During these interviews, we will feature women who are strong professionals in the technology field, including EUMaster4HPC students, and PhD students, who will share their professional stories and experiences of being Women in Tech. 

Through these interviews, our aim is to challenge and dispel existing stereotypes and prejudices surrounding women in technical careers. Our interviewers confidently affirm that women who choose technical careers can achieve remarkable success in both business and research. Moreover, they serve as exceptional examples of individuals who have successfully balanced their careers, research activities, family life, and personal happiness.

At EUMaster4HPC, we firmly believe in harnessing the collective energy of women! We are confident that the stories shared by our interviewees will serve as a source of inspiration for young girls, empowering them to overcome prejudices and fears that may hinder their pursuit of careers in HPC.

We extend our gratitude to all the incredible women who have joined us in this initiative!

Together, we can create an important impact on student careers and contribute to improving work-life balance for everyone involved.