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For High Performance Computing

Applicants from participant countries are eligible for receiving EU funds.

What is EUMaster4HPC?

EUMaster4HPC is an HPC European consortium leading educational activities, funded by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking to design and implement the first pan-European High Performance Computing (HPC) Master programme.

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EUMaster4HPC is composed of European universities, research/supercomputing centres and industrial partners with the mission of defining a joint curriculum in HPC across Europe and creating a collaborative network leveraging and strengthening the European ecosystem in HPC.

In Focus

EUMaster4HPC participation to ISC High Performance 2023

EUMaster4HPC will participate to the ISC High Performance 2023, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany from May 21-25. ISC is...


The EUMaster4HPC invites companies, supercomputing centers and research institutions  to propose internship offer(s) to EUMaster4HPC students!  The internships will allow for the realization of an important...


The European Consortium EUMaster4HPC launches a call for proposals among its members for the Conception, Organisation and Implementation of the...


The EUMaster4HPC invites research institutions, supercomputing centres and companies to propose a challenge offer(s)!  5 challenges will take place at...

EUMaster4HPC Summer School 2023

EUMaster4 HPC Summer School 2023 welcomes Master 1 and PhD students in mathematics, computer science or engineering schools specialized in HPC.   TOPIC: High Performance Computing...

You need a great future! Join EUMaster4HPC!

The application to the first pan-European Master programme in High Performance Computing is open! EUMaster4HPC is a 2-year innovative master’s...

In Focus

Cutting-edge knowledge
and strong link with the industry

With a total budget of ~ 7M €, EUMaster4HPC will develop a higher education programme to:

  • Educate students in areas such as the design, deployment, operation, and/or the use of current and future generation HPC and HPC-related technologies in Europe.
  • Educate experts skilled in driving HPC adoption and knowledge transfer in industry and academia in different strategic domains, thereby linking HPC activities in industry and academia.

The availability of HPC experts, such as HPC administrators and architects, HPC proficient data scientists, HPC application developers, and expert users, is a key factor that drives digital transformation in Europe, and requires the training of highly skilled and talented graduate students.

In addition to the vision and the objectives of the project, EUMaster4HPC will pursue the creation of European added value in the following areas:

  • Broad European inclusion of major players and stakeholders of HPC in Europe, including universities, research centres, supercomputing centres (SCCs), experts, industry, Centres of Excellences (CoEs) and HPC-related entities.
  • Cutting-edge knowledge in HPC and HPC-related technologies.
  • A strong link with the industry.
  • A catalyst of growth in the HPC industry will offer practical and concrete case studies applied to the use of HPC, advanced programming, and simulation.


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Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Ireland, Cyprus, Luxembourg

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